Anjie held 2018 Family day
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Anjie held 2018 Family day
        On Mar. 25th, Anjie had its 2018 Family day at Suzhou Caixiangjing ecological garden, members of the Anjie big family signed up for it and had a warm and happy family day.
        At 10:30 in the morning, most members arrived and the hosts Jia Kong and Shijuan Bie announced that the event starts. People start to show their cooking skills during the BBQ.  
        In the meantime, some co-workers sang their best songs on the stage and earned great applause from people. Then, the game that tests the teamwork started, red team and blue team tried their best to win the game when the red line is moving forward or backward. At last, the red side won and got the prize, however, members from blue team got their consolation prizes as well.
        Then, it was the long-waited exciting games “Zhubajie Bei Xifu” began. When the whistler rang, man ran with their fastest speed to their wives and carried them back to the starts. At labor skills competition, people used their skills from daily work and made the competition fun and intense.
        HR also prepared some games for children like “Step fortunes” and “Luobo Dun”. Children actively signed up for games and had a great time. The company prepared lovely dolls for over a hundred children from Anjie’s big family, and they got happier when they received presents.
        During the free time in the afternoon, some people had their own activities and enjoy the beautiful view in the garden with their family and co-workers. It makes people feel closer and can work better with each other.
        For a long time, Anjie always manage the company based on people, activities on family day not only enriches the spirits for employees, but also provide them with a chance that spending time with their own family. Anjie believes that when they get back to work, they can devote to their job better and make efforts to creating respectful worldwide enterprise!